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Photo credit : Amélie Philibert (Udemnouvelles) Award-winning Canadian Research Chair of EdTech Professor Thierry Karsenti, M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., joins forces with Korbit to build

It has been proven that adult learners, unlike traditional college students, have much more burdensome responsibilities, such as familial duties and full-time jobs, that

We are looking for a highly motivated, full-time Sales Representative to land new enterprise customers and achieve our sales targets in Canada and the

Korbit is looking for an extremely motivated, full-time, back-end Python developer to help us build the future of online education: conversational intelligent tutors which

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70% of marketing and finance professionals don’t have proper training in data science, survey finds. Korbit Technologies (In collaboration with Espresso-Jobs ) has conducted

Female programmers are highly underrepresented in the tech industry with 14 % in software engineering and 25% in computer science. This drastic number of

Kurt Apen has joined Korbit as an advisor to help our team with business and marketing strategy. Kurt has an MBA from Harvard Business

75 percent of 2,000 venture-backed startups failed over a period of 6 years. When we look for an answer, we stumble upon the obvious;