Korbit Technologies' mission is to democratize education by providing a high quality, interactive and personalized education for students around the world at low cost. Since 2018, the edtech startup is developing a real-time interactive and personalized intelligent tutor for learning data science and AI. The AI tutor adapts itself to the learner's needs and provides real-time targeted pedagogical support (such as definitions, explanations, examples, illustrations, mind maps), which has been shown to make big difference in learning outcomes and student motivation, and have been designed to scale to thousands of courses and millions of students. In 2020, Korbit was recognized as the “Top 100 AI Startups” (CB Insights) and the “Best Solution During the COVID-19 Pandemic” (EnlightenED Awards from South Summit). Co-Founder and Mila alumnus, Dr. (PhD) Iulian Serban, received the “Emerging Entrepreneurs” award by C2 Montreal.

Korbit at the AI4Good Conference 2019

— Montreal, June 7-9, 2019 TechAide organized a fundraising initiative and Hackathon for AI4Good at the Mila offices. Teams were presented with 5 real world challenges faced by several nonprofit organizations. The conference was a success and brought together Montreal’s tech and non-profit communities. Some of the challenges included food-waste and improving third-world medical records …

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Korbit Launch Part 1

An Interview with Korbit’s CEO, Iulian Serban (Part 1/2)

May 24, 2019 — Korbit Technologies held its launch party on a beautiful and sunny Friday afternoon at the Norman House. The audience was diverse and very engaged raising many questions surrounding the launch of the new Korbit platform, with the goal of transforming and democratizing education through AI-powered tutors. Korbit also shared the news …

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