Korbit AI: A Need to Boost Careers with Data Science Training

70% of marketing and finance professionals don’t have proper training in data science, survey finds. Korbit Technologies (In collaboration with Espresso-Jobs ) has conducted the first survey of its kind in Quebec, asking 40 marketing and finance professionals about the role of data science in their career. From predictive analytics and decision-making to customer experience and business operations, it’s no question that data science now plays a major role in a variety of industries. The question is: how are businesses adapting?

Data science isn’t the easiest of disciplines to learn from scratch, and on top of that, different employees have different needs in terms of their background knowledge, their career goals, and how they want to apply data science in their job.  With all these factors in play, businesses have a tall task in front of them when it comes to properly training their employees. In fact, results from our own survey hint that businesses might not have the resources to handle this new wave of interest for data science.

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Experience is Lacking: Over 50% of Respondents Have Limited Experience

When asked about their current data science skills, 58% of marketing and finance professionals surveyed viewed themselves as “beginner” or “novice” in the field. On top of that, 70% of respondents had never received any formal training related to data science. As decision making strategies become increasingly data-driven, this lack of data science experience for most employees actually becomes a limiting factor for businesses. To stay competitive and extract value from their data, organizations need to invest in data science training for their employees.

Employees are in the Know: Data Science = Career Growth

When asked how relevant data science is in their current and future role, 85% of the surveyed professionals responded with “important” or “very important”. This is a clear indicator that data science skills are highly valued for professionals in these industries, both in their current job and for their career development. But how can employers help?

Need for a Solution: Korbit Rethinking Employee Training

With such results from the survey, it’s no surprise that 87.5% of respondents think that a personalized data science course would be an added value to their set of skills. This is exactly what Korbit strives to offer. Korbit Technologies proposes a solution to highly qualified professionals and businesses: an AI-powered data science training platform personalized for the specific career goals of each user, and tailored to the objectives of each business for their employees.

“There is a huge gap between what companies are doing today and what their employees are capable of right now. They have the data and the tools, but they haven’t actually trained their professionals to process that data. Companies basically don’t have a team adequate train to support their development which jeopardizes their chance to succeed.” Iulian Vlad Serban, CEO & CTO at Korbit AI.

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The hype around data science keeps growing in our current society. Some corporations might have the data and the tools to collect and interpret the information, but their employees aren’t adequately trained to process it adequately. This means that people lack the skill set or the experience which can risk their company’s competitive advantage.

How do we make sure analysts and researchers will provide powerful, unique data insights for their company?

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