Korbit Technologies proud Collaboration Partner of AI for Societal Impact Challenge

At Korbit, we believe in the power of applied learning which complements our mission to democratize education. We’re supporting the AI for Societal Impact Challenge, an ITAC Talent initiative along with founding partners Agorize, Microsoft and RBC Future Launch. This unique challenge is a great way to put what you learn into practice and solve real business problems. This student competition will be divided into three phases: 

  1. Call for projects: September 23 – End of November
  2. Mentorship: December – End of February
  3. Finals at the MaRS Discovery District: March 4th, 2020 in Toronto

There are numerous advantages in participating in a hackathon or a challenge. One of the most important skills hiring managers look for is the ability to apply knowledge and solve real-world problems, regardless of the field. This is one of the reasons why many students get jobs or internship offers through hackathons. Agorize challenges have a long history of helping innovators get recruited at top companies. CBC/Radio-Canada hired the winner of their hackathon who then became their first Chief of Innovation, Digital Media. Another advantage is the strong bonds formed between the diverse team members, and bonus, the winning team will win prizes valued up to $5,000! Who knows, you might end up meeting your future co-founder, CTO or CEO. One thing is certain, there’s a high-quality pool of individuals that will make their way to the final phases and these talented individuals may just be the future leaders of tomorrow.

AI for Societal Impact Image
AI for Societal Impact Challenge

“Hackathons and challenges help students build connections, open up future opportunities and have a deeper understanding of theoretical concepts by putting them into practice.” Iulian Serban, CEO/CTO at Korbit.

We recommend this challenge to all Korbit users* enrolled in the machine learning course as well as other multidisciplinary students interested in getting real-world experience. You can brush up on your ML theory and concepts while participating in the AI for Societal Impact challenge with our free machine learning course.

Don’t miss out on participating in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Take part now

*only open to Canadian undergraduate students

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