Korbit Technologies in support of Elements of AI

At Korbit, we believe there is a pressing need to improve AI literacy worldwide and make it more accessible for everyone. This complements our mission of democratizing education. We proudly support the Elements of AI course created by Helsinki University, the oldest and largest institution of academic education in Finland and Reaktor, an AI and tech partner for modern businesses. This unique and completely free online course highlights the basics of AI in an intuitive way with relevant examples and great visuals. Below are a few impressive statistics since their launch:

  • 340,000 students enrolled
  • Graduating students from 170 countries
  • 40% of course participants are women

The course was launched in May 2018 with an objective of training 1% of Finland’s population in the basics of AI but quickly gained traction on an international level. The new objective is now to teach 1% of EU citizens on the basics of artificial intelligence by 2021. The course will be localized into all official languages of the European Union with a focus on accessibility, especially for women and people over the age of 45. Localization is funded by the Finnish government and language translation has been provided by the European Commission, more specifically by the Directorate-General for Translation in collaboration with the Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology. We’re thrilled to see such incredible traction and we fully support this initiative and hope to see similar interest in North America.

We recommend this course to anyone that would like to learn more about artificial intelligence but lacks a technical background or the relevant prerequisites. The online course has 6 sections that range from neural networks, machine learning to societal implications and is estimated to take 20 to 30 hours to complete. Graduating students will have a good idea about how AI works at a general level as well as its implications on a societal level. The next step could be to take this newly acquired knowledge and step up the technical and conceptual complexity by enrolling in the second part of the course, ‘Building AI’ (coming in 2020) our enrolling in our free machine learning course powered by an AI tutor.

It’s never been easier to learn the basics of AI regardless of your background. AI will drastically change society in the next few years, learn more about its implications and become an informed and involved citizen. Enroll for free now!