New Crew Members Onboard!

We are happy to announce that we are welcoming four new teachers in our data science content creation team starting from April! 

The past year was marked by a wave of success and rapid development, in addition to reaching an unimaginable investment of 2.65 million! This enthusiasm has encouraged us to open our doors to new talents to support us in our mission to democratize education around the world. These four talented people will help us elaborate the content of our online courses in order to give more tools to our students and help them improve their knowledge and understanding of data science.

These recruits will have the opportunity to work for Korbit, one of the most advanced AI EdTech companies in North America, where they can help millions of students and schools gain access to quality education at an effective cost. They will live a unique experience which is not comparable to any they will come across with a complex multinational company.

“It’s a small company and, therefore, I really feel the impact of what I am doing.” – Nathan Burns,  Data Scientist and Curriculum Manager at Korbit.

This adventure has only just begun for our young recruits who will receive support and help from their dynamic and passionate colleagues. These new employees will greatly contribute with their knowledge and experience to the success of Korbit. Welcome aboard!


Data Science Teacher

Sabina is a passionate outdoor adventurous woman! If you don’t see her outside, she might be studying at McGill University for her B.A.SC. in Cognitive Science. Cognitive science is a mix of psychology, computer science neuroscience, linguistics and philosophy aims to better understand the principles of intelligence. This subject will lead us to a better comprehension of the mind and the way it learns to develop intelligent devices. While studying, she likes to give a helping hand as a teacher assistant at her school to help people to improve their knowledge and understanding. When she advises people in the class, she knows how to find the small details which will make a difference in a project. She will be using her strengths and experience to help her team to create the content of the course offered in Korbit’s online course. Outside of work, she is a person who likes classic food such as chocolate ice cream either with a mix of chocolate chips or chopped cookies for the delight of her senses.


Data Scientist

Anush believes we need to start with education in order to change our world. Her strong beliefs brought her to Korbit where AI will help democratize education. This goal is not a simple one, but she is ready to help Korbit to overcome it. Indeed, Anush is a strong woman who doesn’t fear new challenges. Inspired by her intellectual curiosity, she proudly achieved her objective to finish her PhD in theoretical mathematics which is a very demanding program, in a foreign country. In fact, theoretical mathematics is the study of abstract mathematical structures which sustain the rest of the mathematical sciences. Her research will provide tools for future scientific discoveries. She will now apply her experience as a data scientist and data analyst at Korbit where she will create content for our students who are looking for more advanced materials in data science. Aside from work, she likes to travel and discover new places along her journey in Canada. She recently came back from a trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia and St John this New Year and she can’t wait to continue her visit of Canada’s wonders.


Data Science Teacher

David is the youngest employee at Korbit and he will surprise you with his ambitious projects and ideas. For instance, he is developing a functioning algorithm for the prediction of sports games in Java using trend analysis and linear regression. As a captain of a hockey team, he is passionate of sports analytics and other subjects related. He is currently studying at McGill University in Computer Science which are the processes that interact with data and which can be represented in the form of programs. This field of study enables the use of algorithms to control, store and communicate digital information. Computer Science is a difficult discipline to learn, but David is motivated and devoted to pursue his studies. He is also a hard-working employee who believes in the importance of his contribution to Korbit’s mission. For this internship, he will perform different tasks with his data science team to create content for our students who are looking for new challenges in data science. He decided to join Korbit to make a difference in the life of people and hope to continue in the future.


Data Science Teacher

Hilton is an active person who is deeply devoted to his work! He is currently studying at McGill University to get his Master of Science in mathematics. This program can be focused on applied mathematics, pure mathematics, and statistics, with program options in bioinformatics. He was once the Head TA in Mathematics, who was giving his time to help other students. Now as a Data Science Teacher, Hilton is leading the creation of Korbit’s financial analytics course. For his work, he uses data science ideas to solve problems in financial analytics and create the best content based on this information for our students all around the globe. In his spare time, he is very energetic and has more than one hobby, if we count Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, cooking, coding and his favourite subject, mathematics. Any company would dream of having a Hilton in their team since he is always there for his team.

You want to live a unique experience!

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