Personalized Learning in the Time of Pandemic

AI to support students at home

Montreal, Canada, April 7 — To meet increasing demand in data science courses during the time of the pandemic, AI-assistant learning platform Korbit Technologies Inc. has recently launched a personalized data science education platform to all learners for free.

“The economy will suffer gravely because of the pandemic, so will our careers.”, said Ansona Ching, Co-founder of Korbit Technologies, who lived through the SARS epidemic (2003) and global financial crisis (2008) when she was in Hong Kong. “What I see is, change is the door to new opportunities for those who are well prepared. We should seize our chance to upskill and reskill ourselves to stay competitive in this difficult time.”

A survey from Kaggle states about 98% of data scientists all around the world keep working on their skills by using online resources. Inspired by this latest online education movement, Korbit’s team created their second AI-for-Education product – Data Science Essentials Course. This skilled-based course will come with a new online learning platform built by the same company. Starting in April, students all around the world can enjoy a personalized data science curriculum generated by an AI algorithm built within the system.  

Over the past 5 years, online courses have become very popular. The general teaching approach is, however, rather passive and lacks interactivity. Korbit’s vision is to apply AI assistant technology to motivate students to pursue their studies online. By providing† instant feedback powered by AI throughout the course, a personalized learning experience and better learning gains are guaranteed. 

“Students want to be assured that what they study will be relevant to their real-world problems. With this in mind, we aim to teach the practical side of data science, machine learning and related subjects in as few words as possible.” Explains Nathan Burns, Data Scientist and Curriculum Manager at Korbit. “Korbit’s AI tutor helps organize your personalized learning path by suggesting content you should learn next, generating exercise questions and guiding you towards correct answers with hints, suggestions and other interventions – all in real-time.”

Korbit has been selected for its promising work by CB insights’ AI 100 from nearly 5000 other startups who are building the future of AI. Korbit is the first and only North American company in EdTech to be chosen for this great honour. Well-known researchers like Yoshua Bengio, Joëlle Pineau, Aaron Courville and Laurent Charlin are part of their advisors’ team.

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