User’s Success Story: Mastering Machine Learning From Scratch

Education may have opened the door to advanced knowledge, but the students will need to enter it by themselves. To master a new skill, one must explore how to build his own learning path.

While pursuing his studies in computer science at the University of Columbia, Sebastian took the initiative to register in an elective machine learning course because he saw the unlimited potential of this new technology and its applications across a wide array of disciplines. However, he soon found the course was way too challenging for him. He then set his mind to extend his education through external online materials.

Initially, Sebastian’s learning journey started with Reaktor’s & the University of Helsinki’s “Elements of AI” course. Thanks to this complimentary course, he had a much better understanding of the basics of AI. That encouraged him to dig in deeper into this fascinating subject. Among all the great recommendations listed at the end of the “Elements of AI” course, he chose to continue with Korbit.

While completing Korbit’s machine learning course, what impressed Sebastian the most was he could advance his knowledge of AI within such a short time compared to traditional online resources. The course helped him solidify his understanding of the enigmatic domains of machine learning, deep learning and AI. He was at last ready to take on academic and real-life challenges with the state-of-the-art of AI.

Here we have Sebastian to share his learning experience with us:

What convinced you to learn AI online? 

“I was once assigned a machine learning project in my study. I then realized that there were certain elements that made it hard to master machine learning. So, I started to investigate alternative learning materials, that’s how I first learned about the University of Helsinki and its free course Elements of AI. After finishing the course, they strongly recommended Korbit for its well-built curriculum and real-life application examples. After going through Korbit’s website, the course did interest me a lot. That’s how I decided to start learning with Korbit.”

What encouraged you to keep learning with Korbit? 

“For me, it was engrossing because it was about learning AI with an AI (tutor). Therefore, it was the very first idea that fascinated me. After watching the videos of the first lecture, I did find the content stimulating. (As I saw) the first part of the course was really peculiar, I was determined to continue studying until the end of the course.”

What was so special about Korbit’s course?

 “What I particularly like about this course is that it provides the basics and clear concepts to start (real-life applications) in this field. The course has covered everything (I need). Also, videos were of an ideal length and good quality subtitled in nine different languages.”

What brought you to study machine learning in the first place?

“AI is interesting because at some point we will all start to use it in many fields. So it’s important for me to integrate AI in my IT security training. In fact, that’s the elective course I took at university which led me to try Korbit out. Korbit did help me go further.” 

Is machine learning a big challenge for you?

On Korbit, you learn from world-renowned experts like Joëlle Pineau and Yoshua Bengio, and also your personal AI tutor Korbi! Machine learning won’t be a mystery for you anymore. Start Learning now !

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