User Success Story: Manager Learns AI With an AI

In today’s highly competitive environment, managers need to find innovative ways to help them process new technologies. Now, professionals learn AI from real-life examples with Korbit’s personalized program.

As a professional, you must constantly keep up with new trends that may disrupt your industry. Technology’s exponential advancements and increased impact on all organizations are making this task even harder.

Speaking Your Customers’ Language

Vineet, a long-time IT technology specialist, took the initiative, in 2020, to develop his knowledge of machine learning. He realized the huge potential AI could have in the future of business. Therefore, he wanted to capitalize on this in order to speak the same technical language as his customers. In his quest to find a relevant online course, Vineet stumbled upon many resources. They were covering details and concepts he had already mastered, given his long-time experience in IT. After numerous options, he started his learning journey with the “Elements of AI” course offered by the University of Helsinki. This course focuses on a general overview of AI principles. 

A Personalized Learning Experience

Having mastered the “Elements of AI”, Vineet wanted to take his learning experience to the next level. In the recommended resources document, he found Korbit and was intrigued by the “Learn AI with an AI” tagline. His attention was caught by this modern approach of a personalized learning experience with an AI tutor. With this course, he could dive deeper in advanced concepts and applications like machine learning and deep learning

World-Renowned AI Experts

Vineet spent time learning about the quality and credibility of Korbit on their blog and website. He was impressed by the world-renowned experts like 2019 Turing award-winner Yoshua Bengio who are contributing to Korbit’s success. As a result of his research, Vineet was reassured and eager to start learning with Korbit.

After completing Korbit’s program, he shared with us, from his home in India, his impressions of the platform.

What convinced you to start learning AI online?

“There were two things that convinced me to take the course, first, the topics and its content which I really enjoyed with its clear-cut data science concepts. Second, I read the blog and I found out that AI experts like Yoshua Bengio work closely with Korbit on their project. I first started a course with the University of Helsinki in machine learning and they strongly referred me to Korbit. I looked on Korbit’s website and it was showing a high-quality program created for students looking for real-life application examples and more advanced materials to build their knowledge. These factors encouraged me to start learning data science with your company. ”

What was so special about Korbit’s course?

“I like the fact that AI is part of your learning experience as well as the bot (evaluation), all supported by quality content. When you look at these videos, there is an interesting Q/A session which encourages you to constantly interact and stay motivated throughout the course, but the standard of evaluation of a course is what makes the program effective. In fact, if I couldn’t answer correctly, the AI wouldn’t let me continue to the next question, so I had to listen to the lecture again to develop an adequate understanding of the example. I can tell you that you must think about the questions mindfully while watching the videos in order to answer them correctly. Now, I understand these problems with this peculiar type of evaluation which really makes you think and work to develop your understanding of the concepts and where to apply them.”

What brought you to study machine learning in the first place?

“It was a combination of my career and my work that encouraged me to study machine learning since you need to constantly stay up to date. AI is something which is coming up as a new thing and it’s starting to be important with any company’s customer assistance. I am working in IT technology and all my experience has been in software development and before that in other IT companies in India like Gemini. I can say that I spent all my life programming and working on many data projects.  As a technologist you need to constantly learn new things to understand the current trends and to develop your knowledge of the products which are going to play an important role in the future.”

What is your impression of your experience?

“Korbit customized my program to my needs and this is something that is not available on other online courses companies I know. When I think about this experience, it is about personalized learning, so you can choose what you want to learn which is very different from the standard courses where you must do all the exercises. For instance, if you are good at statistics you can choose to skip this content in the course which makes your learning more effective.”

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