User’s Success Story: The Power Of Korbit AI’s Learning Path on Modern Day Professionals

It has been proven that adult learners, unlike traditional college students, have much more burdensome responsibilities, such as familial duties and full-time jobs, that prevent them from enriching and expanding their post-secondary knowledge and education. The solution is that professionals all around the world need an innovative, easy-to-access, online and flexible curriculum that gives them the opportunity to learn the skills that they need anywhere, anytime, without putting the extra strain on their busy lifestyle.

Oleksandra Mieshkova, a former Risk Analyst, saw the need for a deadline-free, flexible curriculum when she became a mother and went on maternity leave. Now a mother of two who is always aspiring to learn new things, Oleksandra was frustrated with the hard deadlines and tight schedules that she couldn’t keep up with on most of today’s learning platforms. 

As she began to work on her new project, Oleksandra needed a few courses to remind her of the knowledge she acquired through her Mathematics degree, and this is where Korbit AI caught her attention. Korbit AI’s accessible and easy-to-use curriculum was very convenient for her busy lifestyle as it allowed her to watch and listen to the video lectures and do the practical tasks when she had the time, and not because of some set deadline. The platform’s flexible curriculum also allowed Oleksandra to find the exact information and knowledge she needed to utilize for her new project. The platform’s core features allowed her to repeat the videos and jump from one thing to another, an experience she has yet to have with other platforms. 

But It wasn’t just Korbit’s flexible curriculum that made Oleksandra’s journey with Korbit AI so impactful. 

The Real Life Application of Skills learned through Korbit

“Artificial intelligence has always been something that excited and interested me,” Oleksandra noted, “so I really wanted to have the tools to understand it, that’s essentially what convinced me to learn AI on Korbit. I think that the use of AI can lead us to develop something incredible, and I think that this course shows people that they can use their knowledge not only to achieve incredible tasks but also to help in many fields around the world.” 

The Knowledge Gained 

I am thankful for this course because it reminded me how to use very complicated concepts such as cross validation and regularization, important concepts that people tend to forget about. After I finished my course at Korbit AI, I felt confident as it made me feel like I had the knowledge and education that Machine Learning and AI specialists acquire through their studies.  I got to know basic statistical knowledge, machine learning algorithms, and neural networks. I had no practical experience with neural networks, so Korbit AI was the starting point for me. It wasn’t easy, but it was extremely interesting.”

An Inspiration for a New Career

My main motivation was that I wanted to change the direction of my profession. After I’m done with my maternity leave, I don’t want to go back to working as a Risk Analyst. I would like to spread my knowledge that I acquired through Korbit AI and use it in a different way. I’d like for my job to be useful to other people, and that’s not the feeling I got when I used to work at financial organizations. My developments were made to benefit the lender, not the people who went into debt obligation because they didn’t know any better. I felt bad about it, but that’s only my opinion. That’s why I’d like to use my knowledge for good things. At the end of the day, I just want a job that makes me feel good, and Korbit AI harnessed my skills to do that. 

The Achievement of Life-Long Goals

“Korbit AI’s course actually pushed me to start working on my own project. I’m using the skills that I learned on the platform to develop the project alongside my husband, who is a JavaScript Developer. I can’t say much about it now, but the project will be necessary for people. The main goal behind it is to help people make forecasts based on certain information.”

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