We’re Hiring: Data Scientist/Curriculum Manager (closed)

Open Position: Data Scientist and Curriculum Manager for Education Startup
We are looking for an extremely motivated full-time data scientist to help us build the future of online education: intelligent tutors which use machine learning to teach students through interactive conversations and problem-solving exercises. Founded by ambitious PhD researchers from the Mila Research Lab and Cambridge University and backed by major US and Canadian venture capitalists, our learning platform powered by machine learning (www.korbit.ai) has taught thousands of students to date and has demonstrated significant gains in student motivation and learning outcomes.

Our online learning platform aims to teach millions of students about data science and related topics, such as statistics, mathematics, finance, big data analytics and programming. You will be responsible for managing the educational content creation, including hiring, coordinating and monitoring teachers developing content. You will have to wear the hats of both a teacher and a data scientist simultaneously as you work together with our team and our university/industry partners. From time to time, you will also have to assist with related tasks, such as developing user stories and designing mock-ups, testing the learning platform with students and teachers, and writing up scientific articles for publication. We are growing fast and we are very ambitious. Therefore, we expect you to be extremely motivated, hard-working, entrepreneurial and fast learning. 

– Strong analytical and problem solving skills
– Bachelor’s or Master’s in Data Science, Statistics, Mathematics, or a related field
– Proficiency in Python
– Fluency in English 

Other Useful Assets:
– Experience with machine learning and related frameworks (e.g. Scikit-Learn, Theano, TensorFlow, PyTorch)
– Experience with database management systems (e.g. MongoDB)
– Teaching experience
– Fluency in French 

What we offer:
– An opportunity to make a difference to millions of students around the world
– An opportunity to help build the future of education and write history
– A chance to learn new skills working alongside world-renowned researchers
– A chance to experience the development of a machine learning system end-to-end – A chance to build a publication track record
– A competitive salary and participation in the company’s Employee Stock Option Plan 

Exceptional students in their final semester of studies may be able to start on a part-time basis and transition into the full-time position while finishing their studies. 

If you are interested, please send your CV to: jobs@korbit.ai

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