What Does the Graph Say?

I hope you had a great Easter. The sun is shining and we continue our little adventure with our fifth graphic who has 4 generous colours who bring some mystery to the table.

Dive into the heart of the graphic this week! It is the perfect excuse to transform your time and make it productive while learning. For people eager to follow the situation with us, our expert Hilton is there to comment on this particular graph from CCDC WEEKLY , since it holds no secret from him. He will be your guide to clarify the mystery behind these long and bright colours. 

What does this graph have to tell us Hilton?

“This is a stacked bar graph which depicts items stacked one on top of the other or side-by-side in a bar shape. It differentiates the significant categories with coloured bars or strips. It is really useful when looking for changes, for instance, expenditures added up over time, across several products or services, etc. With this data, this graphic creates a richer picture of changes. On this graph, we can see the sum of health workers concerned by the Covid-19, and the colours represent categories where they belong which are concerned, suspected, diagnosed, and asymptomatic cases per day. Even though this graph seems approximate, we don’t know in which region this refers to. This can encourage the readers to misunderstand and over-exaggerate or even picture the situation at a global scale when actually this graph represents a single country. Also, the fact that the categories are on top of one another can create a misconception and lead people to take some of these categories lightly. Furthermore, I would encourage them to choose colours that aren’t too bright to make the lecture easier,” explained Hilton.

Pssst! Skeptical about some mysterious graphs you found online. Send them to us at team@korbit.ai and we will read them for you.

Stay tuned! We are coming with new graphic analysis.

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