What Does the Comparison Graph Say?

Since the beginning of the crisis, people have been comparing this virus to the seasonal flu. This made them believe that the situation was not serious. Indeed, because they don’t see it, they feel that they will can’t catch it, which lead people to underestimate the protective measures put in place. Many crises have happened throughout the years, like the Spanish flu, or the SARS who had a very bad repercussion on our society. Still, not everybody understands our past mistakes. We have found an interesting graph from MPRNEWS . It compares the seasonal flu with the COVID-19 virus. Some people might be surprised by the results. 

What does this mean?

“This is a bar graph or chart that presents different categories of data with bars with a rectangle either vertically or horizontally. Their shape represents the proportional number they are illustrating. This particular graph above indicates the mortality rate of COVID-19 in China compared to the seasonal flu in the United States by MPRNEWS. Aside, their large age ranges are not exactly the identical and roughly the same categories. Thus they don’t have a large simple for the COVID-19 since it has just begun since December compared to the seasonal flu who has more data.  This means that the information is not completely comparable because of the small sample of COVID-19, but also because they are comparing to different countries which don’t have the same amount of people, the same life conditions, etc. The advantage of this graph is that you can clearly see how many people of each age are affected and the height of the rectangle bars makes it clear. The numbers for the mortality rates still makes it certain that

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