Canadian Research Chair in EdTech Joins Forces With Korbit

Photo credit : Amélie Philibert (Udemnouvelles)

Award-winning Canadian Research Chair of EdTech Professor Thierry Karsenti, M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., joins forces with Korbit to build the future of online education. Over the next 3 years, Professor Karsenti and Korbit will investigate the potential of AI and its impact to fundamentally transforming online education, enhancing personalized-learning and promoting learning outcomes.

Since 2003, Professor Karsenti has been the Research Chair of Canada for information technologies and communication in education. This specific role is under the operation of the Canadian National Research Council (NRC), which aims to establish Canada’s strategic position as a leading country for research and development in science, engineering, health science and human science. For the past decade, NRC has invested more and more in innovative technologies for learning tools to improve and transform education.

Karsenti is currently a professor of information and communication technologies at Université de Montréal. His work has contributed substantially to the research in reinforcing the pedagogical quality of education and his research has received multiple awards such as Education Insider 2012 and Excellence and Innovation 2011.

He has helped leading software and edtech companies like Ubisoft and Classcraft to develop AI-solutions focused and also participate in many international scope projects for UNESCO and other organizations.

“It is a great pleasure to collaborate with the Korbit team. We have been putting our minds together to find solutions where AI is used to help students learn data science. The results we have achieved so far clearly highlights that when people work together they can take on any challenge.” Thierry Karsenti, M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., Directeur du CRIFPE.


Professor Karsenti is in good company. He is the second Canadian Research Chair to be working with Korbit. Since the founding of Korbit, the world-famous Canadian Research Chair in Statistical Learning Algorithms and the winner of the Turing-Award, Yoshua Bengio has been working with Korbit as a scientific advisor. On Korbit’s advisory board sits also Professor Joelle Pineau (Co-Managing Director of Facebook AI Research), Professor Laurent Charlin (HEC Montreal) and Professor Aaron Courville (Université de Montréal).


Korbit is fortunate and extremely privileged to be working with such world-renowned leaders in the fields of artificial intelligence and education.


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