Young Coder Girls Need Free learning Platforms to Support their Dream

Female programmers are highly underrepresented in the tech industry with 14 % in software engineering and 25% in computer science. This drastic number of females in the tech workforce is one of many reasons why young women feel they don’t fit the job.  Even though we can find many online tools to help these women develop their skills and encourage them to pursue their career, many of these resources are overpriced and ineffective.

Meet Soumi: A Young Coder Girl From India

When the lockdown happened in India, Soumi, a student from India, realized it was an opportunity to perfect her coding skills, but where and how? “With the little money I had, I couldn’t afford these online coding courses from billion-dollar tech companies. Plus, we never had the opportunity to learn coding at my girl’s school since they believe that: Coding isn’t a girl’s job, girls can’t code.”  During her research, she stumbled upon very pricey and ineffective courses until she found Korbit AI with its free online platform. “Korbit’s unconventional teaching methods using an interactive chatbot powered by AI made me doubt my choice at first, but after a couple of sessions, I realized how great it was for my learning outcomes.” Korbit’s interactive learning path was surpassing the old standard courses Soumi tried before. She was learning better and faster with its interactive exercises and videos. “What I really liked about Korbit is that we can verify what we have learned through problem-solving provided by the AI tutor after each video lesson. It was definitely worth my time.” Women and men should have access to quality training at affordable prices to pursue their dream career. Knowledge shouldn’t have a price tag, because it gives more privilege to certain social classes while forgetting the others.

Master Coding Like a Pro: A Long Road Ahead for Young Learners 

Like Soumi, many learners are trying to find a way to learn data science at an affordable price to realize their dream to become a programmer. Nevertheless, young girls like Soumi are struggling with pressure from their entourage who don’t believe that programming is a girl thing but a boy thing. Like she previously highlighted, girls at her school say that: Coding is not a girl’s job, girls can’t code. With no support from her peers, we are not surprised that even her teachers stigmatize women’s role in programming or if not contribute to it since they don’t encourage them.  This isn’t easy for Soumi, because students need early support from teachers and/or tutors to guide them in their learning experience. Helping them as early as in high scholar elementary school could be the first step to encourage them to pursue a career in programming. 

“Korbit is a friend and a companion to you in your toughest time, and for some people a way to learn more while they have little money. ” Korbit was Soumi’s mentor which encouraged her to pursue her dream to perfect her coding skills at such a young age. 

Learn and Practice Your Programming Skills Like Soumi!

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